Good ol’ fall oldies!

Im sitting and going through oldies while getting prepped for the new web design (SO excited) and found a great old fall photo. A dad and his boys, the little one was about 3 and wasn’t feeling well for the shoot so dad took them out to the tire swing and threw him up on his shoulders to try and bring his spirits up. Then without little man noticing, we got a great interaction with all the boys in their fall sweater. Good ol’ fall sweaters. 🙂


Messy brother! :D

I remember going through these photos, finding this one and laughing uncontrollably. This confirms little ones have their own language, I LOVE siblings, but these two have got to take my top 5 for sure. Have been working with these guys since they were rolly little babies and my how they have grown into the cutest little people. 🙂

A big yawn from a little Mason man!

Ah, I love going back through shoots and finding that random treasure. I forgot how much this HUGE yawn cracked me up. What a cutie pie, time flies when youre a cute little bug like Mason! Over 3 months old now! And NOW has his mommy’s dimples and daddy’s blue eyes to add to the irresistable cuteness. 🙂

I think I can, I think I can….BLOG!

Ok, so I have always admired and envied those that can maintain a business, shoot, edit, send out product, return phone calls and emails, meet for consults, keep an organized office and clean schedule ALL WHILE BLOGGING!  I can do it, I can do it!

One blog everyday to let my KCMcrew in on the action!

Here was today’s cuteness! This is my own little bug, Liam. Isn’t he stinkin cute?!