Sweet brother fun!

Had a blast yesterday with these precious boys of mine! Daddy came home with a couple great new shirts for the boys and I woke up and felt inspired to update the boys’ pictures so I went out and grabbed some more blue items and packed up the camera!

These were the results of a little walk around downtown Overland Park. 🙂 Enjoy!



So long sibling rivalry!

ImageaI must say I was a little frazzled when Addi & Chase’s mom, Brittany, called with a photo session. Two kids, close in age, boy and girl…was expecting a day of hair pulling, “Im not touching you’s” and “he wont stop looking at me’s!”

The LAST thing I expected was this tight-knit duo that looked as if they were best friends. Big sister was constantly checking to see if brother was comfortable, little brother hugged and hugged big sister,  they laughed, made silly faces, and played the whole way through. I must give it up to mama, whatever she’s doin’ she’s doin’ it right!