Sunset in the summer

About a month ago, I had a vision of a little boy, playing in a washtub, sunset, water drops falling off his hair onto his cheeks, golden tones, outdoors. With the summer rush I thought surely I could get a shot like this in one of my sessions, and with each session that seemed to fly by I realized summer was almost over and still hadn’t gotten it!

I then decided to take this vision to my Facebook fans and see if any mommy would loan me their cutie for a heavily discounted summer photo session. Well this little guy brings his “cutie A-game.” His curls just turned me into mush, I couldn’t have asked for more, this is almost exactly the vision I had in my head several weeks ago, thank you Isaiah, mommy & grandma for helping me bring it into reality!

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Happy birthday Chloe!

Sugar and spice and everything nice is the name of my little ladies album on This little one is definitely all sugar! I had so much fun with her, most of it was giggling at her little mannerisms, so soft spoken and sweet, sweet, sweet!


God bless the 50mm for this shot, or it may have been the 24-70mm?? No matter, those two are great go-to lenses for me. And then I have to give a bit of credit to those wonderful photographers responsible for a few of the actions that get take my work to a different height! PURE Photoshop actions for Photographers is definitely one, those are so easy and amazing to work with. I swear by them! Amy Wenzel ( is where my others are from, hers are a little more complex to work with but SO artistic and definitely worth the effort to learn about them!

Sorry to go into technical photo mode for a bit, but I get asked about the KCM behind the scenes often so I thought Id start throwing in a few details for fellow photographers needing a few tips/direction!

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Take care all!

Squeaky Clean!

Some ideas we have for photos just come out of nowhere, no explaining it, and people look at you like, “and you were doing what when this idea hit you?” THAT….is what happened here. I was sitting in my kitchen editing, and I remember glancing over at my 8 month old son playing on the floor with my 6 year old son and it just came to me to throw a mop and bucket into the mix.


Sometimes the most random ideas can turn out and some just tank, so glad this was one that took off, has seemed to get a lot of great attention thus far. Thank God my poor babies are so used to the camera, they got this shot in under 5 minutes. 🙂



And then a solo one of my little guy. (The big guy had to hold his pose the whole time so I could get baby’s attention so I let him off the hook to get back to his Angry Birds. 🙂

Double double toil and trouble!

Spent yesterdat with two of the funniest little bugs I know! Meet Tenley & Hudson! They turned two and this is our 4th shoot with them. These two make any day fun, even the hot, sticky, yucky, muggy day like it was yesterday! We came, we played on the train, we changed into our ‘thing 1 & thing 2’ outfits, we got sticky with lollipops and dirty dirty dirty from everything sticking to the sticky on our faces but we had a BLAST!

I love colors, as you can tell here, I will probably use this site a few more times, there were a ton of colorful trains here.

Thank you Ten & Huddy for hanging out again!


KCM goes vogue circa 1930

Not everyday where you find a bride that just has the right look about her. This bride had the timeless face, the right gown, the right veil, everything. When she turned on the serious face, she went vogue. This was taken at The Oread Hotel in Lawrence, would definitely recommend the site to others as it was beautiful and the coordinator was very hospitable and kind.

Congratulations to Tristan & Nikki Payne married on June 9th! Best way this photog could have spent a birthday working!