Playing catch up!

Ok, so admittedly I am not a typist. A blog was the exact equivalent of me standing behind a wall and tripping myself as I walked by. So, here is a little game of catch up!


Meet Aaliyah, she was one of my younger babies in here at 4 days old. Mommy said she slept almost the entire day the day before the shoot, which I believe because the day of the shoot she was so alert and curious what was going on!

We did get her to sleep toward the end and our session commenced, then we got big brother Tristan in the mix (the bribery via fruit snacks was our gameplan.) We had two composite projects to do to nail some of these shots but all in all, this was a very successful session!

Meet Tristan & Aaliyah!

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Lil’ monster <3

Monday I got to meet Lewis. I was turned to mush. Little man was already two weeks old when he got to the studio, so I was prepared for a lot of alertness and no desire to sleep. Well, little man couldn’t have surprised me more with his contentedness. He said “hi” for a bit and got acquainted with me, then took a bottle and crashed out! We got several beautiful looks down in not much time at all. What an angel. Here is my buddy, Lewis.


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