Little party pooper :)

So, its drizzly and yucky and I cannot, for the life of me, motivate myself to make hats…blog time!

This one is appropriate for the poopy day it is outside. This is Adrianna, a gorgeous little sugar pie I met a couple weeks ago (yes, a couple weeks, Im behind, let’s move on.) Mommy and I had some good humored humbling a few times in this session. Miss Adrianna had more than a few ‘wins’ that day, (we were poo’ed and peed on a few times to say the least. 🙂

Thank goodness for a good sense of humor, I am pretty sure mom and I spent most of the time silent screaming and laughing holding a towel in between us and a pooey fate.

This was definitely one of my trophy shoots, proof that when life gives you poo, you make lemonade. And we did, the photos couldn’t have turned out better!

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