KCM 2013 packaging is hawt!


Yep! The crazy redesign month is finally over! Although now that Im back to work I have a very distressed 16 month old that mommy is back on the grind. (Literally climbing in the most literal sense all over me right NOW. Thank God for backspace.)


So, after much searching, much “oh if I stare at this computer any longer Im going to grow to it”, much coffee, much price shopping, much order canceliing, and finally, much decisions finalized….were done!

All 2013 clients get to get their hands on a stylish new little package!



What you see here is the box it arrives is (obviously), the CD sleeve (USB option available for my super techy members), a little bag of matching sixlets to enjoy while viewing your photos, the skinny long sleeve is for your documents such as copyright release, invoice or receipt and a thank you card for joining our little KCMfamily!





Shooting again, YEAY!

ImageFinally felt like myself again, bending over a baby until my back feels like its going to explode, pee spots and poopy wipes piled up in a towel, binkies & half-empty bottles here & there, props and blankets that were once neatly placed are scattered here and there and everywhere, space heater and noisemaker lulling you to sleep while the huge cup of coffee I chugged fails me, AHH its wonderful to be back. 


Met a super cutie today, well, the whole family was super adorable. Dont think Ive ever met a more helpful daddy. Baby Avery wasn’t going to have it any other way though. I love parents that want to be part of the process. Not that I mind doing my job, its just extra fun when you get to share all the little funnies that occur in a shoot with mom & dad. I totally get my parents that lounge on the couch with their coffee, donuts & blankets (yes, I spoil my peeps) while I do my thing, but when baby crosses their eyes & sticks their tongue out simultaneously—its nice to share laughs.

This was that kind of session, miss Avery crossed her eyes and gave us all sorts of puzzled looks. Caught a few yawns, caught a few smiles, caught some poop—(well, dad did anyway!) All in all, a great session!



January…the month that will be known as “the marketing, redesigning, and advertisement song that wouldn’t end.”

In just a few short days I will be done and back to shooting and being that goofy lady with the camera. Until then, I am stuck in redesign wasteland.

Do I want yellow and gray? Do I really like polka dots enough to permanently bond with them? Is chevron going to be one of those patterns that goes out of style in another 6 months but Im stuck with it for 5,ooo more cards? Square pictures? Circle pictures? How MANY pictures? Stripes? Should I add any information or just stick to the website? Is that REALLY going to attract eyes or is it blah? Kraft paper—friend or foe? What is most cost effective? Now, how about getting on the subject of bulk ordering and devoting to all these choices? GAHHHHH!

I am not a person who likes to be stuck with an old design, I STILL dont quite have my name the way I want it, not sure of the font or the little icon I want with it. STILL. And I am supposed to be placing orders like last week. 

So, with my devoured bag of cheetos and my burning thighs from my computer thats been on a couple hours too long, I exited out of all of the chaos to whine. Wine….hmm. 


On a less scattered note, my props are getting GOOD. I was nervous about trying to tackle the photography side as well as the look of each shoot from scratch by making my own props but turns out, it is as easy as following through each inspired idea I have. And I have about 10,000 inspired ideas everyday, grabbing and executing ONE of those a day has been cake. And I am surprised at how well they’ve been received! My shop is actually selling!

I know very little about retail quality stitching. I have got to say, handing over my first bonnet with my final stamp of approval on the hems and edges was about as nerve racking as seeing a cop turn on his pretty reds & blues for the car in front of you! 

But, all in all, it looks like 2012 will be just a tiny preview of the growth 2013 has for me. The business in its entirety has taken off faster than I ever anticipated. It has had some bumps and learning curves that popped me right in the mouth but those have very gracefully sanded the edges off some of the things I needed to change for this year to hit the ground running in style. 

So, for now, until my next baby girl gets here Sunday, here are some of the things I have finalized including the packaging, rear window advertisement, and Ill even throw in a stamp logo so you can feel how incredibly bored Ive been! Design is not my thing, just give me the baby! 😀





The NEW year, ya know, the one I actually BLOG in!

Oooook. So I made a new year’s resolution to blog more, and so far in 10 days I am 0 blogs in. So, at least my “drink more water” resolution is pulling up the slack. 

So, LOTS to catch up.

This year we have already had some great things happen! Our photos will be featured in a hospital’s new office for all the pre-admissions mommies, making our 3rd doctor’s office that is supporting us, which I am ecstatic about! That could mean HUGE things for the studio. 

This year, for our members, I have chosen a list of vendors I will be using in our photos. Among the names are FAAS design, Devoted Knits, Jessy’s Prop Shop & Creations, Sleeping Willow, Lil’ owl knits, Lillian Grace, Snassy Crafter, Sweet Pea hats, Ink & Elm, Swanky prints & The Little Prop shop just to name a few!

This looks to be our most exciting & busy year yet, we will EVEN have the opportunity to shoot in London in August while there with my hubby on business. (For those of you who DON’T know, he’s an amazing talent in the tattoo industry and can be found at kcskinart.com, bradytrashbag.com or http://www.facebook.com/bradystattoos!) 

As far as what we’ve been up to in the studio, here’s a few of the last shoots we’ve done! Taking some time off until end of the month to finalize some marketing, get our Macbook Pro for the 2013 biz, design our new packaging & advertisements and put together the new face of KCM! 


Thank you all so much for helping set the stage for 2013 by being such amazing members in 2012! ImageImage