Three’s Company


This year I decided it was time to break into the triplets world. I loved every picture Id ever seen of three babies, even if they were just taken at home with a point & shoot.

So, posted a status looking for models, wasn’t interested in making money on this one, afterall….if I couldn’t GET a shot (which with 3 babies….lets face it….it was possible to crash & burn. LOL,) at least the pressure would be off. I felt I’d perform better if I didnt have the “paying customer is expecting the bomb you better get yourself together” voice in the back of my head.

The shoot started off relatively smooth, then would get interesting here and there. Id get two down, one would wake up, Id get one down, second and third happy and first baby would pee on second baby…all awake and unhappy now. One baby, two baby, one pooped—start over! It was hysterical at times, gross at times, rewarding at times, humbling the whole time. I left with more…..bodily fluids soaked in my clothing than Id had since I was that old. No…seriously…poop in my scarf people.

About halfway through, all three babies were on separate schedules. We shot with one or two while feeding the third, added third, changed one while second slept. SO, I knew it was going to be a matter of breaking out the composite edit skills to make the group shots.

BUT, surprisingly enough, we got a small handful of shots I am proud of considering they were my first attempt at multiples and was working outside my studio with whatever I could fit into the SUV.

Definitely a first, definitely not a last, definitely needed a shower. Meet Carly, Rose and John!




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