Snowed in.

Ah, yes….I am late. Thought I would for sure, with feet of snow LOCKING me in the house that I would blog my head off. I did my laundry which I loathe, even my taxes which makes my skin crawl, but blog? NO-PE. 

We had such a good time, I was terrified cabin fever would set in the second day but we were snowed in for 5 days and loved it up until the last day when we started to run out of things and started to smell like the carpet. KIDDING…. you all know how it feels. 

The boys are so much fun, and being forced to take it easy really sets it up for success. You are going anywhere…pajamas might as well be a three piece suit. Your house is clean because you have nothing else to focus on after the edits are done so we had time to play, watch movies, build forts, break out the playdough…and of course, the sledding. Image



My husband and my biggest little camped out in the back yard before the big storm hit so they got a night of serious man bonding and then 5 days of family bonding. Couldn’t have been a sweeter week. 

First morning with my little, we call him “Boogers”…don’t really know how the inception of that stuck but, he even answers to it. Loves his strawberries, all morning long. 




When he gets his fill, he goes and does his thing while I cook. French toast, eggs and hashbrowns were in order. LOVE when I get the chance to cook a big breakfast.


And of course….the glorious moment when my Kuerig tells me its “Ready to Brew”….the little things. Yes…there is a monster on my cup. Love Halloween…don’t judge me. 


About ready to eat, boys coming in. Love hearing their chatter as they come in the door and get all undone and unbuttoned for me to warm them up. We officially had a “snow pile” at the foot of the stairs for wet shoes and clothes.


And true to form…Boogers taking over Daddy’s breakfast.


And how funny when you are just….trapped in, to care about nothing else but the mom and wife stuff, you dont seem to mind cleaning up. ImageImage

My soap dispenser made from a wine bottle that has been chalk painted for a cute label with an olive oil dispenser top. Loved that craft. Easy and cute.

And as we are up and rolling for the day….this one still lazes about. 


Anyway, wanted to make this more about photos and less about typing so I will leave it at that, that’s what the Payton house was up to. 🙂




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