Spring has sprung!

Oh catch up, how I loathe thee. If blogging consistently were as important as breathing you could all count I’d be multiple of purple. I stink at it.

BUT, we’re here now, isn’t this nice? Hi! And I have a cute baby to share with you (actually many but I’ll start with ReiAnn since we launched our spring prop line with her! LOVE spring colors, holy peaches & mints batman do I love spring colors.

This little angel rocked it all in style, only needed a sip here and there before she was ready for her next closeup. Only let me see her eyes for a second right before the last set and then went back to sleep. Loved getting so much in between cuddles!

And a fun side note–mom and dad were both in the military and the session was on Memorial Day, how cool is that?

Well without further delay, here is ReiAnn Michelle!